Desuperheaters reduce the temperature of superheated steam to protect downstream equipment and/or improve heat transfer properties. Injection of the correct amount of spraywater flow is critically important for efficient operation of a desuperheating system.

Desuperheating systems are common in power plants, refineries, pulp & paper industry and desalination plants where a boiler producing superheated steam exists.

KOSO Velocity Control Technology meets the critical functional requirements of spraywater control valve applications.

KOSO Benefits

  • Reduced engineering, procurement and maintenance costs with single-source responsibility of the complete desuperheater and spraywater valve solution.
  • Superior temperature control with selection of KOSO fixed or variable area desuperheater nozzle designs.
  • Improved spraywater valve performance and reliability by eliminating damaging cavitation with VeCTorâ„¢ Velocity Control Technology trim.


Desuperheater & Spraywater Control Valve